1. Take one required course: Systems and Computational Physiology OR Physiology of Inflammation
  2. Participate in an RCR curriculum (BIOC 8401 and formal RCR curriculum joint with DEM T32)
  3. Professional Skills development class for Biomedical Scientists OR comparable i.e., grantsmanship offered by CTSI.
  4. Attend one Departmental seminar a week (i.e., IBP, BMBB, MicAB or other relevant) and present research work at local (Visscher Young investigator, Diabetes, Cardio-Palooza) and/or national meetings (i.e., ADA, AHA, MDA etc.)
  5. Mentor Dyad: A Co-mentoring training plan is required. Pairing new mentors with established mentors or pairing across disciplines: inflammation, cardiovascular, metabolism, and computational systems biology (TG mentors are attached).
  6. Individualized Scientific Meeting Advisory meeting (mentor Dyad, Metzger/Alejandro + another other appropriate) - meet every 6 months to discuss research progress and career development. The Co-mentors will formally address the trainee’s development twice a year in writing.